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The Coyote Commons
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Sharing the joys of sustainable living with others

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What is the Coyote Commons? LAMBORN

We are a small community of teachers, builders, writers, artists and thinkers who live on 80 acres of arid juniper-sage habitat in Western Colorado. We liveĀ  lives that are sustainable and fun. This means we get our electricity from the sun, build homes from local materials , eat delicious foods grown locally and recreate in our own backyard. We are also dedicated to sharing this bounty with others. From August until October we host six interns who learn in a hands-on way the skills of simple living. Together we harvest local foods, prepare tasty meals, learn alternative building methods with on-site projects, lend a hand in community barn-raisings, and build personal resumes of skills and experiences in preparation for a creative life beyond our program.

Photos from our first program: click on the photo below to see images of us in action!

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Twice during the internship program we host weekend retreats for busy people who want to experience simple living firsthand. If you know that you want more time and less stuff in your life, but aren't sure where to start, this is for you. For three days, we will show you examples of sustainable yet joyful lifestyles, suggest specific steps you can take to change your life, and help you determine how you can make those changes take hold for good.

During the winter we spend a month living with Mexican families in a remote village near the mouth of the Colorado River. Participants in this program experience small town Mexican life first hand, receive one-on-one Spanish tutoring, assist with solar projects and attend mini-courses on border issues, marsh ecology/birdwatching, and other subjects relevant to the region.

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